Honeywell RAE Systems - AreaRAE Pro

Honeywell RAE Systems - AreaRAE Pro


* Cannot use Chlorine Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide sensors in the same unit. *
* Cannot use Nitric Oxide and Ammonia sensor in the same unit. *
* NDIR % Vol Combustible Sensors must be accompanied by the Catalytic "LEL" sensor. *


RAE Systems Honeywell MultiRAE PRO - Wireless Portable Multi-Threat Monitor for Radiation and Chemical Detection (PGM-6248) by RAE Systems.

The MultiRAE Pro is the industry’s first wireless multi-threat detection tool that combines continuous monitoring capabilities for gamma radiation, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) down to parts-per-billion level, toxic, combustible gases, and oxygen, with Man Down Alarm functionality in one highly portable instrument. Certified to meet the military performance standard MIL-STD-810F, the MultiRAE Pro can be configured with 33 intelligent sensors (including ppb and ppm PID, NDIR, and exotics such as ammonia, chlorine, formaldehyde, and phosgene) to fully meet the monitoring needs of applications such as HazMat response, CBRN / TIC / TIM detection, EOD, homeland security, and civil defense.

The instrument boasts the largest display and longest battery runtime in its class (with an optional extended battery), as well as an ergonomically contoured case that is rugged, dust-tight and waterproof (IP-65 / IP-67 rating). A compartmentalized design of the MultiRAE Pro makes the replacement of its sensors, pump, and plug-and-play battery simple, even in the field, and the AutoRAE 2 Automatic Test and Calibration System ensures bump testing and calibration of up to 10 instruments is as easy as a press of a button.
When deployed on RAE Systems’ Dedicated Wireless Network, the MultiRAE provides safety officers wireless access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status for better visibility and faster incident response. The MultiRAE five-way notification system for gas and Man Down alarms immediately alerts the user, people working in the vicinity, and safety officers at the command center if a hazardous atmosphere has been detected or a person has been overcome.

MultiRAE Pro- Wireless Radiation and Chemical Detector Specifications Sheet
*Note- Cannot use Chlorine Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide sensors in the same unit.
*Note- Cannot use Nitric Oxide and Ammonia sensor in the same unit.
*Note- NDIR % Vol Combustible Sensors must be accompanied by the Catalytic "LEL" sensor.




The New MultiRAE Family Video


  • Industrial Hygiene, Personal Protection, Radiation, Military CBRN Detection & EOD, also in industries such as:

- Chemical
- Homeland Security
- Civil Defense (search and rescue)
- Semiconductor Manufacturing

- Telecommunications
- Aviation (Wing Tank Entry)
- Enviornmental
- Pharmaceutical
- Hazmat Response
- Clandestine drug labs
- Shipping / Marine
- Oil and Gas (downstream)
- Food and beverage
- Wastewater treatment 

Sensor Specifications:

Radiation Sensor Range Resolution
Gamma 0 to 20,000 microREM/h
(dose rate)
1 microREM/h
PID Sensor Range Resolution
VOC (HR) 10.6 eV 0 to 5,000 ppm 0.1 ppm
VOC ppb 10.6 eV 10 to 2,000 ppb 10 ppb
Combustible Sensors Range Resolution
Catalytic LEL 0 to 100% LEL 1% LEL
NDIR (0-100% LEL Methane) 0 to 100% LEL 1% LEL
NDIR (0-100% Vol. Methane) 0 to 100% Vol. 0.1% Vol.
Carbon Dioxide CO2 NDIR Sensor Range Resolution
NDIR HR Carbon Dioxide
(CO2) NDIR Sensor
0 to 50,000
100 ppm
Electrochemical Sensors Range Resolution
Ammonia (NH3) 0 to 100 ppm 1 ppm
Carbon Monoxide (CO)  0 to 500 ppm 1 ppm
Carbon Monoxide (CO), Ext Range   0 to 2,000 ppm  10 ppm
Carbon Monoxide (CO), H2-comp.  0 to 2,000 ppm 10 ppm 
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) - Combo 
 0 to 500 ppm
 0 to 200 ppm
 1 ppm
0.1 ppm
Chlorine (Cl2)  0 to 50 ppm  0.1 ppm
Chlorine Dioxide (Cl02)   0 to 1 ppm  0.03 ppm
Ethylene Oxide (Et0-A)   0 to 100 ppm  0.5 ppm
Ethylene Oxide (Et0-B)    0 to 10 ppm  0.1 ppm
Formaldehyde (HCH0)   0 to 10 ppm  0.01 ppm
Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)   0 to 50 ppm  0.5 ppm
Hydrogen Flouride (HF)   0 to 10 ppm  0.1 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)   0 to 100 ppm  0.1 ppm
Methyl Mercaptan (CH3-SH)  0 to 10 ppm  0.1 ppm
Nitric Oxide (N0)   0 to 250 ppm  0.5 ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide (N02  0 to 20 ppm 0.1 ppm 
Oxygen (02)  0 to 30% Vol.  0.1%Vol.
Phosphine (PH3  0 to 20 ppm  0.1 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide (S02  0 to 20 ppm  0.1 ppm
















Key Features:

  • Highly versatile and customizable for different applicaitons
  • The Worlds first wireless portable multi-threat detector on the market
  • Extensive on-board gas libraries (190 VOC's and 55 combustible gases)
  • Six Gas monitoring including Gamma Radiation
  • Easy maintenance with replaceable sensors, pump, and plug-and-play battery
  • Man Down Alarm with real-time remote wireless notification
  • Fully automated bump testing and calibration with AutoRAE 2.
  • 30 interchangeable sensor options including PID for VOCs, NDIR and catalytic for combustibles, and NDIR for CO
  • PID Range of 0.1 to 5,000 ppm
  • Intellegent sensors store calibration data, so they can be swapped.


  • Monitor-Only Includes-
    - MultiRAE PRO monitor with sensors, battery and wireless option as specified
    - Protective rubber boot and filter(s) installed
    - Conitinuous datalogging (6 months for 5 sensors @ 1-minute intervals)
    - Travel charger / PC communication adapter
    - PC Communication cable
    - AC Adapter

    - Calibration Adapter
    - Alkaline battery adapter
    - Hex Tool
    - Quick Start Quide
    - CD with documentation
    - ProRAE Studio II Instrument Configuration & Data Management Software
    - Calibration & Test Certificate
    - Warranty/Registration Card
    - Built-in Pump
    - Belt Clip installed
    - 6" inlet probe
    - 3 spare external filters
    - PID Sensor cap removal tool
    - PID Zeroing filter
    - IP67 decontanination valve accessory

    *instrument ships in a "Pelican Case" with custom foam for two calibration gas cylinders and accessories.

    Monitor with Optional Calibration Kit adds:
    - Accessories / Confined Space Kit
    - Remote Sample Draw Kit
      10" aluminum sample probe with replacement filters
      3 hydrophobic barrier filters
      10' self-coiling Teflon® tubing w/ Luer-style quick-connect fitting
    - Regulator(s) x 3
    - 100 ppm Isobutylene Gas
    - 10 ppm Isobutylene Gas 
    - Quad Mix (C0,H2S,LEL and O2) Gas for MultiRAE PRo
    *(please note we offer other calibration kits depending upon sensor configuration on monitor)