Calibration Gas for RAE Systems MultiRAE PRO 4 Gas Monitor (CO,H2S,LEL,O2)

MultiRAE Pro CO, H2S, LEL, O2

 Calibration Gas for RAE Systems MultiRAE PRO Multi-Gas Monitor.

Our Calibration Gases are made to specifications to meet the RAE Systems MultiRAE Lite Multi-Gas Monitor with CO,H2S,LEL,O2 and VOC sensors installed.

*Note- The MultiRAE Lite can have other Toxic sensors installed, please view our other specific calibration gas mixtures for your specific need. If you do not find what you are looking for please give us a call.

Shelf Life:

2 years - Quad Mix
4 years - Isobutylene

Safety Data Sheet:

SDS-Calibration Gas for MultiRAE PRO Quad Mix
SDS-Calibration Gas for MultiRAE PRO Isobutylene Gas

We are a DOT and IATA certified shipper (Hazmat Shipping) for these calibration gases. 
* Hazmat shipping fee is included. Standard shipping rates will apply.


Quad Mixture:

50 ppm Carbon Monoxide (CO)
10 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
50% LEL (Methane) [2.5% VOL]
18% Oxygen
Balance Nitrogen

Bottle Size Cylinder Make Regulator Required Part Number
 34 Liter  Aluminum Male NSG34-4GR
44 Liter Refillable Aluminum Male NSG44-4GR
58 Liter Aluminum Male NSG58-4GR
116 Liter Refillable Aluminum Male NSG116-4GR


Isobutylene Mixture:
100 ppm Isobutylene

Balance Air

Bottle Size Cylinder Make Regulator Required Part Number
34 Liter  Steel Female NSG34S-115-100
34 Liter  Aluminum Male NSG34-115-100
103 Liter Steel Male NSG103-115-100
116 Liter Refillable Aluminum Male NSG116-115-100


*44 and 116 Liter Cylinders are refillable, portable cylinders that eliminate disposal fees and regulatory paperwork. Call today about our Refillable Calibration Gas program. 

Optional Combo Pack Quad Mix & Isobutylene Includes:
Combo 1 = 1 Bottle of 34 Liter 4 Gas Quad Mix & 1 Bottle of 34 Liter Steel Isobutylene Mix.
Combo 2 = 1 Bottle of 34 Liter 4 Gas Quad Mix & 1 Bottle of 34 Liter Aluminum Isobutylene Mix.
Combo 3 = 1 Bottle of 58 Liter 4 Gas Quad Mix & 1 Bottle of 103 Liter Steel Isobutylene Mix.
Combo 4 = 1 Bottle of 116 Liter 4 Gas Quad Mix & 1 Bottle of 116 Liter Refillable Aluminum Isobutylene Mix.