Colorimetric Gas Sampling Accumulator Bulb

Colorimetric Gas Sampling Accumulator Bulb

RAE-SEP Benzene Tubes for UltraRAE 3000+ Monitors


RAE Systems SEP Benzene Tubes for UltraRAE, UltraRAE 3000, and UltraRAE 3000+ Monitors.

RAE-SepTM tubes were designed for use in RAE Systems instruments only. Use in any other manufacturer's equipment may give inaccurate results.

RAE Systems’ Benzene RAE-Sep compound specific gas filtering tubes for the direct reading of benzene in the UltraRAE, UltraRAE 3000, and UltraRAE 3000+.

The benzene RAE-Sep tubes are designed for use only with RAE Systems 9.8eV equipped photo ionization detectors and provide readings after a fixed sampling time.


- 10 Tubes per box


Benzene 0 to 200 ppm 0.05 ppm < 60 sec

RAE-SepTM tubes Benzene - Datasheet