Honeywell - XNX™ Universal Transmitter w/ MPD (mV / IR) Sensors

Honeywell - XNX™ Universal Transmitter w/ MPD (mV / IR) Sensors

Honeywell - XNX™ Universal Transmitter w/ Electrochemical Sensors

XNX - Transmitter Electrochemical

Honeywell - XNX™ Universal Transmitter w/ (EC) Electrochemical Sensors.

The Honeywell XNX's advantage comes from a simple-to-use, low-maintenance universal platform that works with other safety equipment on a digital bus system, including Honeywell Analytics’ own Searchline Excel, Optima or other gas detectors, industry standard PLCs and third-party gas monitoring controllers.

XNX™ supports Electrochemical, Infrared and Catalytic Bead gas monitors and uses standard 4-20mA wiring and HART; options include Modbus, Fieldbus (pending) up to three relays and a local Hart Adapter for configuration and diagnostics using existing HART handheld devices. 

With 200+ unique configurations, XNX™ satisfies Class 1/Class 2 intrinsically safe, explosion-proof requirements in upstream/downstream oil, chemical, wastewater and other industries.

The enclosure is available in stainless steel or aluminum, with a marine-grade coating. Five threaded ports, available in metric or NPT versions, and ruggedized mounting options provide ultimate installation flexibility.  Instrumentation built on various sensing technologies can be attached locally to the transmitter or remotely with the appropriate accessories.

The XNX™ user interface provides Alarm, Fault and configuration support via a large dot matrix display and LED indicators. Icons supported by seven language selections are used to ensure ease of operation around the world.

Honeywell XNX™ - Brochure

Honeywell XNX™ - Specification Sheet

XNX™ Electrochemical Sensor(s):

Sensor Range / Resolution Part Number
O2 - Oxygen 23% v/v fixed (FM approved) XNXXSO1FM
O2 - Oxygen 0-25% v/v XNXXSO1SS
CO - Carbon Monoxide 0-300ppm (100 to 1,000ppm, 100ppm) XNXXSC1SS
CO - Carbon Monoxide 100-1000ppm (FM approved) XNXXSC1FM
H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide 0-15ppm XNXXSH3SS
H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide 10-50ppm (FM approved) XNXXSH1FM
H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide 0-15ppm (10 to 50ppm, 1ppm) XNXXSH1SS
H2S - Hydrogen Sulfide 0-100ppm (50 to 500ppm, 10ppm) XNXXSH2SS
Cl2 - Chlorine 0-5.0ppm (5.0 to 20.0ppm, 5.0ppm) XNXXSL1SS
Cl2 - Chlorine 0-5.00ppm fixed range XNXXSL2SS
SO2 - Sulfur Dioxide 0-15.0ppm (5.0 to 20.0ppm, 5.0ppm) XNXXSS1SS
SO2 - Sulfur Dioxide 0-50.0ppm (20.0 to 50ppm, 10ppm) XNXXSS2SS
CLO2 - Chlorine Dioxide 0-1.00ppm XNXXSX1SS
NO - Nitric Oxide 0-100ppm XNXXSM1SS
NO2 - Nitrogen Dioxide 0-10.0ppm (5.0 to 50.0ppm, 5.0ppm) XNXXSN1SS
H2 - Hydrogen 0-1000ppm XNXXSG1SS
H2 - Hydrogen 0-10,000ppm XNXXSG2SS
HF - Hydrogen Flouride 0-12.0ppm XNXXSF1SS
NH3 - Ammonia 0-200ppm (50 to 200ppm, 50ppm) XNXXSA1SS
NH3 - Ammonia 0-1000ppm (300-1000ppm, 50ppm) XNXXSA2SS
PH3 - Phosphine 0-1.2ppm XNXXSP1SS
HCI - Hydrogen Chloride 0-10ppm (10 to 20ppm, 1ppm) XNXXSR1SS


High performance-

•-Flammable gas detection 0 to 100% LFL/LEL

• -Point IR with heated optics provides immunity to poisoning and no hidden faults

• -Open-path IR flammable gas detection in LEL-m measurement

• -Electrochemical cell offers toxic gas detection in ppm

• -IR cell provides CO2 and combustible gas monitoring


Flexible Operation-

•-3 versions - supports mV (Catalytic Bead and IR Cell), Electrochemical Cell and IR (point and open-path) gas detection

•-Multi-Purpose Detector (MPD) with field serviceable mV, Catalytic bead and IR Cell capability

•-4-20mA with HART® as standard

•-Multiple communications options include up to 3 relays, MODBUS® and FOUNDATION® H1 Fieldbus (pending)

•-Optional local IS port for handheld HART configurator


Easy to Use-

•-Large, backlit, easy-to-view LCD display offers multisensory indicators (visual icons, colored buttons, text, etc.) to display gas and sensor readings

•-User interface supported by 8 selectable languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese)

•-Self-test and fault indication features

•-Non-intrusive, one-man operation

•-Quick calibration with auto-inhibit


Easy to Install-

•-3 or 4 wire operation, source, sink or isolated

•-Use with conduit or cable installations

•-Simple plug-in sensors and replaceable cells

•-NEMA 4X IP66 rated for rugged indoor/outdoor use


Cost Effective-

•-Minimal training required

•-One-man operation

•-Plug-in sensor replacement

•-All necessary accessories included



•-Offshore Oil & Gas production platforms

•-Onshore Oil terminals


•-Gas Transmission

•-Gas Distribution

•-LNG terminals

•-Gas storage terminals

•-Chemical plants

•-Petrochemical plants

•-Solvent recovery operations