MeshGuard Touchpoint™ Plus Wireless Controller

MeshGuard Touchpoint™ Plus Wireless Controller

MeshGuard - Radiant Reader Controller


MeshGuard - Radiant Reader Controller -

The MeshGuard Radiant Reader Controller is a device that allows the use of a PC (instead of a dedicated controller) to monitor wireless detectors in real time. The reader receives data wirelessly from remote detectors, and pushes data to ProRAE Guardian software running on a PC. The Radiant Reader can push data directly to a PC via RS232 or to a remote PC via ethernet. The Radiant Reader is fully supported by the ProRAE Guardian software platform.

Radiant Reader Datasheet


-Turns PC into a wireless controller
-RS232 or Ethernet connection
-Outdoor mounting
-Lightning protection


-Hazmat Response
-Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around
-Worker Exposure

Model Number: W021-0020-000