ToxiRAE Pro EC

ToxiRAE Pro EC

Honeywell Loneworker Single Gas- ConneX1

Honeywell - ConneX1 Single Gas Loneworker.
ConneXt Lone worker, like the rest of Honeywell’s ConneXt Safety Solutions, gives you real-time wireless visibility on safety data so you can make better, faster decisions. The portable infrastructure is created between the wireless gas detector and a vehicle mounted router with cellular/ satellite communication, which can support up to four gas detectors. This mobile infrastructure sends safety and location data to a cloud-based platform with map overlays — called Trakopolis — which you can access from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.
Honeywell’s unique solution reliably keeps safety managers and lone workers connected all the time via cellular or satellite networks. Safety managers have real-time visibility to location, detector status, and vehicle information. You can also receive man-down alerts, communicate with two-way text messages on the gas detector and more.
The ConneXt Lone worker Solution communicates over both cellular and satellite networks, so you can have remote visibility and communication to field operators. If a cellular network is unavailable, ConneXt Lone worker will automatically switch to a satellite signal. ConneXt Lone worker Solution connects you, so you can:
-Elevate safety of your remote workers. Know and respond to what’s happening in real-time
-Obtain remote verification that procedures are met
-Improve gas detector compliance and usage
-Efficiently track lone workers
-Collect gas data quickly, for better decision making
-Easily check maintenance status of vehicles
-Reduce lost assets
ConneX1 Loneworker Standard Wireless:
- Wi-Fi
Sensor/Detector options:
  • - Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) - Available for purchase!
  • - Carbon Monoxide (CO) - Not Released as of 06-2016
  • - Oxygen (O2) - Not Released as of 06-2016
  • - Sulfur Dioxiode (SO2) - Not Released as of 06-2016

ConneX1 Detector Includes:
  • - Detector as ordered
  • - Wall charger - 110v
  • - Manual
  • - Test Cap

  • - Combines a wireless portable gas detector, a vehicle-mounted router and a web interface
  • - See real-time gas readings on each lone worker’s detector - from a remote monitoring location
  • - Get instant notifications of gas alarms and man-down alerts, so you can plan the right response
  • - Track the location, safety and driving behavior of lone workers at all times
  • - Send and receive messages from multiple lone workers - all in one interface.

* Trakopolis Software, GPS / Wifi Modem for the vehicle and IntelliDox are all sold seperately or in a Loneworker Solution Package, please call for pricing.