BW Honeywell - IntelliDoX for BW CLIP

BW Honeywell - IntelliDoX for BW CLIP

BW Honeywell - MicroDock II for Gas Alert MicroClip XT

BW Honeywell - MicroDock II for Gas Alert MicroClip XT

BW Honeywell - MicroDock II for Gas Alert Extreme

* Only a total of 6 modules can be used per Base Station. You can integrate other modules for other BW instruments as well if needed. *

GA Extreme MicroDock II

BW Honeywell - Automatic Calibration/Test Station for the Gas Alert Extreme Single Gas Detector.

The most cost effective way to manage the calibration and bump testing of BW Technologies by Honeywell portable gas detectors is through the MicroDock II automated test and calibration system. Fully portable and easily expandable, the MicroDock II requires no computer and provides simultaneous management of up to ten modules. Minimize expenses and maximize productivity with the MicroDock II.

BW Honeywell MicroDock II for the Gas Alert Extreme Detector Includes:

- Complete with specified Base Station
- Wall Charger
- Module(s) as specified
- Filter
- USB Cable
- Instructions
(monitors are sold seperately)

BW Honeywell MicroDock II Information Sheet

BW Honeywell MicroDock II Automatic Test Station for Gas Alert Extreme:

Base Station with Module Configuration Part Number
Base Station with Module and 2 inlets DOCK2-2-1D-00-G

BW Honeywell MicroDock II Additional Modules for Gas Alert Clip Extreme:

Additional Module Part Number
Extreme Module  DOCK2-0-1D-00-G



Test Gas and Demand Flow Regulator for the BW Honeywell MicroDock II:

Test Gas Cylinders with Demand Flow Regulator Part Numbers
H2S Test Gas 116 Liter w/ DFR Male NSG116-06-25N / NSG-DFR-M
CO Test Gas 116 Liter w/ DFR Male NSG116-630-100 / NSG-DFR-M
SO2 Test Gas 116 Liter w/ DFR Male NSG116-09-5N / NSG-DFR-M
O2 Test Gas 116 Liter w/ DFR Male NSG116-0-209 / NSG-DFR-M
NH3 Test Gas 116 Liter w/ DFR Male NSG116-3-50N / NSG-DFR-M
HCN Test Gas 116 Liter w/ DFR Male NSG116-90-10 / NSG-DFR-M
NO Test Gas 116 Liter w/ DFR Male NSG116-43-50 / NSG-DFR-M
NOTest Gas 116 Liter w/ DFR Male NSG116-44-25 / NSG-DFR-M
PH3 Test Gas 116 Liter w/ DFR Male NSG116-51-1 / NSG-DFR-M
ETO Test Gas 116 Liter w/ DFR Male NSG116-75-10 / NSG-DFR-M
















*Other Size Cylinders are available, please call for information.

*Additional Gases and regulators can be found in our BW Calibration Gas section.




  • - Durable, reliable and easy to use
  • - Bump Check and Calibrate Monitor
  • - Configure
  • - Download Events and Download Data
  • - Easy gas identification with color coded labels and LCD notification
  • - Record keeping is accurate and easy with automatic event logging
  • - Exceptionally low cost of ownership
  • - Compliance has never been easier