MeshGuard - FMC 2000 Controller

MeshGuard - FMC 2000 Controller

MeshGuard Touchpoint™ Plus Wireless Controller

MeshGuard Touchpoint™ Plus Wireless Controller

MeshGuard - RAEMesh Reader Controller


MeshGuard - RAEMesh Reader Controller.

Wireless Multi-Channel for MeshGuard-

The RAEMesh Reader is a device that allows the use of PC (instead of dedicated controller) to monitor wireless detectors in real time. The RAE Mesh Reader receives data wirelessly from remote detectors, and pushes data to ProRAE Guardian software running on a PC. The RAE Mesh Reader can push data directly to a PC via RS232 or to a remote PC via ethernet. The RAE MeshReader is designed to be located in non-hazardous indoor locations. An optional outdoor antenna with a 30ft (10m) cable can be used to extend the usage to outdoor location.

*MeshReader is fully supported by the ProRAE Guardian software platform.

MeshReader Datasheet

The MeshGuard Wireless Gas Detection System Video





  • Drilling rigs
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Tank farms
  • Shipyard and maritime
  • Steel mills
  • Industrial safety


  • Allows communication with up to 24 remote monitors
  • Easily scalable system by merging multiple MeshReaders through the Internet
  • Compatibility with ProRAE Guardian
  • Wireless mesh input, Ethernet and RS232 data output for direct connection to PC or Ethernet network