RAELink 3 - Bluetooth

RAELink 3 - Bluetooth

RDK Host Controller Kit

RDK Host Controller Kit

RAELink 3 Mesh


RAELink 3 Mesh -

RAELink3 Mesh enables RAE Systems personal gas and radiation detectors, and select 3rd party monitors to communicate wirelessly with ProRAE Guardian safety monitoring software so that commanders and emergency response coordinators can make better decisions in real time. Fast assessments of the toxic hazards within a large area can be characterized by integrating real-time sensor readings from multiple instruments and technologies. As a result, commanders can make critical decisions such as emergency responder and public safety or evacuation more quickly.

• Hazardous Material Response
• Fire Overhaul
• CBRN Detection
• Search and Rescue
• Public Venue Protection

RAELink 3 Data Sheet

Key Features:

• Dual integrated modems
• Mesh radio for automatic link to detectors within 33 feet (10m)
• Frequency hopping radio for data transmission up to 2 miles (3km) back to host
• Local display of radio strength and power status
• Rugged impact resistant housing
• Rechargeable Li-Ion battery runs up to 14 hours under normal operating conditions
• Link up to 9 monitors (8 wireless and 1 wired) per RAELink3 Mesh

Rapid configuration & deployment-

• Easy to operate with informative user interface
• Built for routine use in harsh environments
• Reverse compatible with AreaRAE systems