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Honeywell SPM Single Point Monitor

Honeywell Analytics SPM Single Point Monitor.

A fast response device detecting down to ppb of toxic gases, providing physical evidence of a gas event.

This use-anywhere, fast response monitor is specific to your target gas only. Until now, the big concern with basic units for toxic gas monitoring was that environmental conditions or other chemicals interfered with accurate detection.

That is why Honeywell Analytics developed the MDA Single Point Monitor (SPM) utilizing our exclusive, interference-free Chemcassette detection technique.

The SPM´s standard weatherproof enclosure will withstand the rigors of outdoor operation. A purged enclosure is optional for hazardous areas. You can also specify the SPM with heating and cooling options to match your environmental requirements.

Honeywell SPM Datasheet


  • Fast response monitor specific to target gas only
  • Gas sensitivity to ppb levels with physical evidence
  • Minimum maintenance and no dynamic calibration
  • Customized for harsh industrial environments
  • More than 50 gas calibrations available


  • Outdoor locations
  • Corrosive areas
  • Remote sampling areas
  • Gas storage areas
  • Survey work
  • Perimeter/ fencelinesVentilation and exhaust systems


  • Z-purge system
  • Duty cycle
  • ChemKey
  • RS422
  • Remote reset
  • Portable
  • Extended sample
  • Heater option (operate from -20°C to ±40°C)