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Honeywell ACM 150 Ft. IR Centralized Gas Monitoring System

Honeywell Analytics ACM 150 Ft. IR Centralized Gas Monitoring System.

Multi-Point gas detection for enhanced safety

ACM 150 brings you the latest FT-IR technology within a centralized gas monitoring system to offer you many advantages:

Up to 40 measuring points can be centrally located to one device, such as process tools, gas and chemical storage units, gas cabinets, distribution boxes, process tools, emission measurement and ambient air monitoring.

Up to 15 gases can be detected per measuring point, lowering your cost per gas per point monitoring.

Self diagnostic programming detects faults and critical alarms, eliminating many maintenance calls.

Communications options meet your unique site requirements (Lonworks®, ControlNet™, Modbus®, Profibus®)

Improved gas detection performance

The ACM 150 matches your company’s increased productivity demands with a newly designed FT-IR bench that provides better LDL (Lower Detectable Limit) performance for many gases along with reduced maintenance and service requirements over the life of the instrument.

Choose the ACM 150 for enhanced safety, improved performance and lower cost per point monitoring.

Honeywell ACM 150 Spec Sheet

Honeywell ACM 150 Brochure

Integrate gas detection into a single unit

  • Detect virtually any gas, chemical or odor in an industrial process*
  • Up to 40 measuring points can be detected sequentially
  • 80 configurable relay points for increased flexibility

Cut monitoring costs over life of device

  • Sealed aluminum body prevents moisture intrusion, protecting critical internal components
  • Double IR scan ensures reliable performance, reduces false alarms
  • Optimized built-in measuring/self diagnostics eliminate on-site gas calibration
  • Desiccant replacement cycle of 3 to 5 years

Boost gas monitoring performance

  • Composite sampling of up to 4 measuring points provides faster measurement
  • Easy to service gas cell with stainless steel body construction prevents costly downtime
  • Better SNR performance allows for lower LDL measurements

Simplified touchscreen operation

  • Superfast processor improves response time
  • Large user-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Flexible communications options